Hello and welcome to the Counselling In Spain website

Counselling In Spain is one of the Counselling In France group of websites. For further details, please visit www.counsellinginfrance.com/groupofsites.htm

The website offers counselling in English by therapists who live all over Spain. If you are a qualified counsellor or offer any other types of therapy, please read below and please contact me if you are interested in joining the site.

You can send me details for your page in a Word document and can include a link to your therapy website if you are happy to give a reciprocal link, plus a photo if possible.

Please try and include the following in your write-up or in the details you send me:-

     1. An email address and telephone number(s)

2. Region (i.e. Costa del Sol) in Spain and post code

3. Whether you offer a free assessment appointment

4. A photo of yourself

5. Your qualifications

6. Main mode of working ie person-centred, TA, psychodynamic etc.

It will be assumed that by joining this website, you accept total responsibility for the text you send in to be on your web page and also for your legal work status. If you are not registered, you may be employed in a Spanish establishment. You may not be charging for counselling, but Counselling In Spain cannot accept responsibility for what you state on your web page and the disclaimer asks clients to check your qualifications and work status.

If you offer online therapy with Skype, by email, Facetime, webcam etc., you are welcome to be shown on this page. It is a one-off 10 euros.

Please click HERE to download a submission form. I will also need details for your page with contact info and a photo. If you are asked to subscribe to Microsoft Office, it means that you don't have Office. For a free version of Open Office, here is a link


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