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  • PG Advanced Diploma in the Therapeutic Application of the Arts

  • PG Diploma in Child Counselling

  • PG Diploma in Child Psychotherapy Studies

  • MA(Cantab), BA(Hons).

Hello. My name is Lorraine and welcome to my page!

I am a UK qualified counsellor based in Chiclana de la Frontera. I am BACP Registered (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and I abide by the BACP Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions (Code of Ethics). I offer integrative counselling in English to adults and young people and I use a person-centred, relational approach which means that I follow your lead in what you want to talk about and bring to counselling.

There are times in life when talking to a professional counsellor can be helpful. This may be because you are experiencing difficulties in your life or because you feel stuck, anxious or depressed. Perhaps you need support in making a difficult decision or perhaps you just need someone to talk to in confidence about whatever is on your mind.

As your counsellor, my aim is to have a relationship of trust with you that allows you to feel comfortable and safe to work with whatever issues are important for you. I do this by warmly accepting and respecting whatever you bring to counselling and not judging you. The counselling space and sessions are yours to explore whatever you need this might be what is going on for you in the present, issues from the past, feelings about the future, or it may be to gain a deeper understanding of your feelings, thoughts, behaviours and ways of being or your ways of relating to other people. I will support you in working with whatever you are facing and want to explore.
As an integrative counsellor, I am trained in various models of counselling and psychotherapy, from humanistic to psychodynamic modalities, all of which are underpinned by the latest research in neuroscience. I draw on whichever models best support your particular needs. Integrative counselling is also about integrating different parts of yourself so that you may gain greater access to your whole self, your inner resources and your full potential.

In addition to talking together in sessions, I also offer arts materials which you may choose to use. Using the arts and your images and dreams can be a profound experience and help bring about new insights. Art and play also largely forms the language of communication in counselling young people.

If you would like any further information or would like to book a free consultation session with me, you are welcome to contact me at the email address or phone number listed above. It would be a privilege for me to accompany you along your way.

BACP Registration Number: 375441


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