Payment must be made for each solution before downloading. Refunds may not be given once the solution is purchased and downloaded, but if there has been a problem, purchased solutions can be sent by email. If you wish to pay in a different currency and it is not converted by or before the checkout, please ask us to send an invoice.

Handling of personal information
Quick Therapy Solutions holds all records securely and ensures the utmost confidentiality in the treatment of any information held about its clients. We comply with the Data Protection Act 1988.

The content of the Quick Therapy Solutions website is intended for information only. Whilst utmost care has been taken in the writing the information presented on the website we cannot guarantee its usefulness or accuracy. We accept no responsibility for any decisions made and accept no liability for any loss or damage based on the information found on this website. Anyone using information offered on this website does so at their own risk and will be considered to have taken full liability and responsibility for any damage or injury arising from its use.


































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