Almeria, 04692

~ Bachelors (Hnrs) in Psychology ~

~ Masters (MA) in Third Generational Therapies ~
(CBT, DBT, Mindfulness etc.)


Telephone: (+34) 648703905

Are you looking for a empathetic and down to earth therapist? Are you looking for someone to talk to that isn't going to be bias or criticise you? You have found the right therapist!

My name is Shannon Leigh Cross, and I am a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist with a 2.1
Bachelors degree (Hnrs) in General Psychology and a Masters in 3rd Generation Cognitive Behavioural Therapy including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, and more. I have 3-4 years’ experience working in the field of therapy working with vulnerable people on certain life problems such as, Social Anxiety, Procrastination, Depression, Addiction and more.

In sessions, we will focus on your beliefs, how your beliefs are tuning your thoughts, how your thoughts then show in your emotions, how your emotions then instruct your behaviours, and how the consequences of these behaviours then frame your beliefs. This is the cycle that is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy! The more we know about these elements, the more that can be done to apply specific techniques and tips to improve the issues that are occurring and improve your quality of life!

I hold Individual 30–60-minute sessions with working one-on-one with a client to talk through their problems, try to find and narrow down what the cause of action to a better life is, overcome the problems with simple but effective activities to gain calming techniques to help you relax, cognitive analysis of your thought pattern, create better long-lasting habits, and learning resources to prepare yourself for if the problem comes back. Basically, I will teach you the basics so that you can be your own therapist!

I offer 30 minute or 60-minute sessions depending on your personal preference. 30 minute sessions are 25€ and 60-minute session are 50€. An assessment session is 15€.

Thank you for your interest in having therapy sessions with me. I hope to speak to you soon


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