Mariam Panosetti
MA Counselling
12598 Peniscola


Telephone: +34 689 519 986


I was born in Cairo, Egypt to Egyptian Parents who both became international civil servants. By the age of three we moved to New York City and by the age of 6 we moved to Geneva, Switzerland. In the first 7 years of my life, I had lived in three countries on three different continents and attended 3 different schools. I think these early formative years for me were characterised by a lot of change, moving, and uncertainty and the anxieties associated with that.

Having to readjust to new circumstances, get your bearings, create new points of reference, new relationships, integrate, fit in, stand out, be successful and create meaning and a sense of purpose for yourself in your new environment are some of the things I learned to navigate from a very early age. Looking back, itís no surprise I was naturally drawn to studying psychology, human behaviour, and counselling. I started to notice early in life that people navigating complexities would openly and trustingly confide in me and I would do my best to help them to adapt and transform as they worked through their set of challenges.

After moving to Spain in 2017, and taking the time to integrate in my new surroundings, I decided to start 21 Next Steps as a response to a growing population finding themselves in transition expectedly or unexpectedly and in need of counselling support. I bring an eclectic style to my sessions drawing on CBT, Psychodynamic, Existential Counselling approaches as well as many tools including the Hogan assessment and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in helping individuals identify their strengths and preferences.

My work with clients is very person-centered, adapting my style to what fits the person and their situation best. I draw largely on positive intelligence as a basis for helping people grow their core mental muscles in order to enhance their ability to meet daily challenges with a positive mindset.

I have worked with diverse populations in transition ranging from adolescents /young adults to more mature adults and senior citizens. My international background, positions me well for addressing cross-cultural issues and supporting individuals in working through various challenges including depression, anxiety, grief, relationship problems, interpersonal / family conflict, and workplace challenges.

Registration number: Y5196210H


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