Loredana Casola
CHt, EPP, D.EMed.

Email: Lcasola-cht@outlook.com 

Telephone:  684 219 487

Based in Alicante

Skype name lcasola-cht

Welcome! Hi! Im Loredana Casola, a very warm welcome to my page.

About me:
I am a Registered Therapist Practitioner, General Hypnotherapist and Health Practitioner, in a private practice since 2008 Based in San Vicente del Raspeig, Costa Blanca, Alicante, Spain.

I believe that each person has the answers within themselves. I help my patients to choose their own path, honour their values, and access their truths. My personal style is honest, respectful and non-judgmental. My passion for my profession and my love for people has brought me success in this rewarding profession to help others to achieve happiness, health and wellness.

Please feel free to contact with me for a no obligation 15 min free telephonic consultation to arrange an appointment and read through my webpage and have a better understanding of what I do: https://express-your-mind-at-healing-summit.business.site/

I have Studied at the following Institutes:
- For Ethno-Medicine and Ethno-Psychology Practitioners of Trance Life institute of Epasa South Africa since "2008
- IMDHA (International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association) of USA since "2008
- GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register) of the UK since 2017
- Qualifications Ethno-Medicine and Ethno-Psychologist (Psych.) Practitioner D.EMed.
  • Specialisation: Psychologist Practitioner
  • Certified & Reg. Hypnotherapist with IMDHA USA & South Africa
  • Certified & Reg. in Pain Management with (IMDHA - USA) IMDHA Reg.No:1209-210374
  • Certified & Reg. with GHR of UK Reg.No: 7482
  • Counselling and Life Coaching
  • Specialties: Advanced Trance State Therapy, NLP, Signs & Symptoms of facial sign, Abnormal Psychology, Anatomy & Physiology, Counselling Skills, General Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Iridology & Sclerology, Pain Management, Past Life regression & Regression Therapies.


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