Psycho-Spiritual Psychotherapist ~ Coach and Energy Practitioner
Psycho-Spiritual Counselling via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom

I am a highly trained and qualified Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Facilitator and Energy Practitioner with over 35 years experience. During this time, I have had the pleasure of working internationally with individuals and groups of various backgrounds both in the public and private sector on a wide range of issues and projects such as: -
Abuse   Abundance Blocks   Addiction   ADHD   Anger   Anxiety   Bereavement   Chronic Fatigue  Cancer Support   Corporate Wellness Programmes Care for Carer Programmes   Clinical Supervision  Depression   Eating issues  Energetic Life Rebalancing  Energetic Body Rebalancing   Fibroid Issues Marriage   Mindfulness   NDE (Near Death Experience   STE (Spiritually Transformative Experience)   Nutrition   Out of Body Experience   Parenting Issues Past Life Issues   Personal Development   Prosperity Blocks   Relationship Blocks Retreats in France and Spain  
Therapist Energetic Cleanse   The Big Question Programme   Self-harm   Stress  Voice Dialogue   Work & Career etc.

I have an MSc in Psychological Counselling and Psychotherapy, I am a qualified Health, Business and Life Coach and Energy Healer with memberships and adherence to various associations and ethical frameworks. As an eclectic therapist, Supervisor, Coach and Energy Healer, allows me to draw from different treatment models and a total of 35 years experience of Mindfulness practice to flexibly work cross-culturally with my client’s unfolding needs.

Note: All illnesses, conditions and situations have a message for you. Through techniques such as the use of ‘The Non-Dual State’ ‘The Four Paths of Enquiry’ and ‘Sacred Dialogue,’ together we work with your True Essence to begin a profound conversation to find out what that message is. What you can expect is a greater understanding of your circumstances together with a deeper connection to your inner true, passion and creativity.

❊   Therapist Energetic Cleanse is a burst of energy that cleanses the energetic system of those that work closely with the public or with clients in a therapeutic capacity. Energetic Supervision if you will that aids in rejuvenation and a reduction of burn-out.

I offer a free consultation session of 30mins and thereafter charge 50€ per Counselling session. Call for more information on Coaching, Retreats in Spain and France and other specific work.

For a profound experience of working with your core, I invite you to contact me by phone or email and WhatsApp.


Telephone: +34 692 24 159


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