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Chantal Helene is an accredited hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of NLP and was personally by Richard the NLP Institute in UK  For those ever wanted to gain confidence and lose weight, Chantal specialises in the Virtual Gastric Band which is an alternative to the actual Gastric Band operation.  



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Healing Ourselves and Tapping into our Inner Wisdom

It is amazing how we tend to deal with the physical aspects of keeping ourselves healthy (through diet, exercising which is at the physical level) and ignore the emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. Through my research, apparently by developing and balancing all the levels we can manage and influence our own health and well being.

Traditional medicine tend to treat the physical symptoms without addressing the other different aspects of life: Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and thus never reach the root causes of a problem that enable healing to happen.

You would have read the article I wrote on my blog on the “power of the subconscious”, where I explained that the subconscious mind gets filled with beliefs we download from parents, teachers, and others who influence us early in life, filling our mind with the programs that will run our life unless we can reprogram the subconscious mind.

Usually, by the age of six, these programs are written, and few people ever make the effort to examine and rewrite their subconscious mind. Given that we have no control over how this powerful part of our brain gets programmed when we were children, it is no wonder most people struggle to change limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs that can harm not just our health, but all aspects of our lives. The good news is that the brain can form new neural connections through Neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity occurs when we practice and repeat doing things and eventually it just becomes automatic like a habit.

As quoted by Dr Candace B Pert, Neuroscientist, in her book “Molecules of Emotions” By learning to bring your awareness to past experiences and conditioning memories stored in the very receptors of your cells, you can release yourself from these blocks, this “stuckness.” However, if the blockages are of very long standing, you may need help, through a healer, life coach or therapist, someone who can nurture you and help you in achieving such awareness.

Sometimes, we tend to think that we are a victim of our genes. Science has proved that we can change how our DNA behaves. We used to think that diseases like heart disease, breast cancer, alcoholism, depression, if it ran in the family we would end being the victim of those genes. The study of Epigenetic is changing everything. Epigenetic means “control above the genes” meaning “The Mind”. Scientists have proved how positive and negative thoughts, beliefs, can influence how our genes behave. By tending the garden of our mind, we can influence how our genes behave.

The 4 levels (Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) which form part of our existence are interrelated and any work done on one level tends to affect the others. As we heal one level, we support the development of all the other levels. For example, if we work on emotional healing we release blocked energies, therefore by clearing the mental and physical levels as well. The more in tune we are with our physical bodies, the more energy we feel on every level.

The therapy that I have developed is “Empowering Mind” it is also referred to as “Psychodynamic therapy” the therapy allows you to experience profound emotional and physical healing at the cellular level. In a session, you are led into deep relaxation so you can reach a Gamma brainwave state. Gamma is a brainwave state of “being in the zone”, that feeling that you can do anything. You are then guided to uncover any emotional or physical blocks that may be present.

It’s really about reframing earlier experiences and once the emotions are accessed and cleared it will leave you feeling cleansed and with a renewed sense of joy, clarity and enthusiasm. You will be able to express all of your feelings, regardless of whether you think they are acceptable or not, and then let go of any attachments to them, through a clearing process.

By letting all emotions have their natural release, the “bad” ones are transformed to “good” ones, and, we can then be liberated from suffering. Clients have reported that after a session they felt liberated from whatever was holding them back from living life to their fullest potential. The integration and balancing ourselves through spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, not only bring harmony and wholeness into our own lives, but also help to bring healing and balance to the world.

The medical establishment trains us to believe that when we get sick, it is always because of something biochemical. I am not suggesting that people should withhold medical treatment, by no means. I strongly believe that the body has the capacity to enable spontaneous remission when we choose to live in alignment with our truth.